Rethinking our world.

NFW CEO Luke Haverhals & CTO Aaron Amstutz named Inventors of the Year
Posted September 6, 2022
Meet NFW R&D Manager for CLARUS® Fabrics, Shokoofeh Ghasemi
Posted August 25, 2022
Another milestone: Brave GentleMan launches the first men’s dress shoes made with MIRUM®
Posted August 11, 2022
MIRUM® makes its luxury watch strap debut with IWC and Gisele Bündchen
Posted July 26, 2022
NFW is partnering with Veshin Factory to expand access to MIRUM®
Posted June 30, 2022
How industry circularity definitions differ from nature and why it matters
Posted June 23, 2022
Meet NFW soil scientist and circularity specialist Stephen Taylor
Posted June 9, 2022
Assessing our impact: the carbon footprint of MIRUM®
Posted May 20, 2022
NFW closes $85 million Series B to scale naturally circular materials
Posted April 12, 2022
MIRUM® makes its footwear debut
Posted April 6, 2022
CLARUS® hits the market with Ralph Lauren at the Australian Open
Posted January 29, 2022
What is CLARUS®?
Posted January 11, 2022
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