Allbirds launches the Plant Pacer Sneaker made with MIRUM®

It’s here! Today Allbirds released the Plant Pacer, its newest lifestyle shoe made with MIRUM®.  

MIRUM unlocks a new material category for Allbirds, allowing the brand to step further into lifestyle footwear with a 100% plastic-free, sustainable material unlike anything else on the market.  

“For way too long, fashion companies have relied on dirty synthetics and unsustainable leather, putting established ways of doing things and costs before the environment. We wanted to put an end to that, which led us to create the Plant Pacer,” said Allbirds co-Founder and co-CEO Tim Brown. “Through the innovative use of natural materials, like Plant Leather and others, we’re going to continue stretching the limits of sustainable footwear.” 

The global launch of the Plant Pacer is the culmination of a partnership between Allbirds and Natural Fiber Welding (NFW) first announced in early 2021, when Allbirds invested $2 million as part of NFW’s Series A.  

"Since the beginning, Allbirds has focused on building exceptional products with naturally derived materials instead of petroleum-based synthetics and has been a leading and loud voice towards the need to move the footwear industry in a more sustainable direction. Partnering with the Allbirds team to scale MIRUM in footwear and together drive the entire industry toward plastic-free solutions was a no-brainer,” said Oihana Elizalde, Vice President Natural Fiber Welding and General Manager MIRUM Business. “We’re excited about this first launch and the ongoing collaboration with Allbirds to keep pushing the boundaries of sustainable footwear." 

The Plant Pacer is just the start for Allbirds as they explore how Plant Leather made with MIRUM, a new entrant to Allbirds' natural material portfolio, can be used on both existing and new silhouettes.

“The Plant Pacer represents the next generation of our brand, contributing to a community of consciously-minded leaders who can wear their values on their feet as a wardrobe staple,” said Allbirds VP of Product Design, Ashley Comeaux. 

Allbirds is using MIRUM containing rice hulls, which lend it a unique, organic aesthetic. Rice hulls are one of the most prevalent sources of agricultural waste in the world, and leveraging this abundant resource to create new modes of expression is a first in the footwear category. The Plant Pacer is available in both Natural White and Dreamy Green. The versatility of MIRUM represents a peerless opportunity for designers seeking creative expression and unparalleled sustainability to turn agricultural side streams and other regional natural ingredients into beautiful, functional, and high-performing products. MIRUM is more than a leather-like material: From footwear, to handbags, watch straps, to automotive interiors, MIRUM is a categorically new material class. 

Because MIRUM is made only from natural materials instead of petroleum and requires no tanning, it has an extremely low carbon footprint —  an order of magnitude lower than conventional leather or plastic alternatives in fact. Other vegan leather options rely on petroleum-based plastics to make up for performance gaps. The upstream and downstream effects of conventional plastic leathers are certainly not sustainable. 

Want to snag yourself a pair? Order now from Allbirds.

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September 13 2022