Natural Fiber Welding launches Circular Buy-Back Program with new Woolly Made MIRUM® Wallets

At Natural Fiber Welding, we believe in the goodness of people. We’ve found time and time again that consumers want to make the right choice for our planet, but they’re often hindered by a lack of accessible options. It’s clear to us that the materials industry, like so many of our current systems, needs an overhaul. Humanity deserves to thrive, not just survive.

To accomplish this, we need to move away from solutions that aren’t sustainable for our environment, and towards a future that is fully compatible with the needs of our planet. Fortunately, at NFW we’re in the business of making dramatic change alongside our incredible roster of partners. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new accessories line and circular buy-back program with Woolly Made. 

Woolly Made, with MIRUM®

Woolly Made shares NFW’s mission to protect our planet by utilizing natural, locally sourced materials for beautiful, durable everyday goods. Together, we are proud to debut an accessories line that includes three minimal, handcrafted wallets — all made with our high-performance, plastic-free MIRUM and made from naturally-sourced ingredients like coconut and natural rubber.

Together, NFW and Woolly are giving consumers the freedom to choose an all natural, plant-based option with the same performance as animal leather. In fact, MIRUM’s unique stretch and recovery characteristics ensure wallets stay in prime condition — forget about stains and wear and tear. It’s also water resistant. These new products prove the incredible strength and diversity of nature. 

True circularity in motion

Nature is the original circular environment. At NFW, our technologies allow materials to start natural and stay natural. In support of our new product line with Woolly, we’re thrilled to announce that we will be launching our first buy-back program. 

Because MIRUM is made with natural inputs, it can be recycled back into natural inputs, just as nature intended. At the end of our products’ lifespan, we invite customers to return their wallets to Woolly Made for a 25% discount on their next MIRUM wallet, allowing the cycle of natural resources to continue evermore.

Sustainable materials, made in America

We’re pleased to be working with another partner that cares so deeply about craftsmanship and community. 

Woolly is embedded in Portland, Oregon’s booming maker culture, as well as the greater American craft movement. Like Woolly Made, at NFW, we understand the importance of giving back and enriching the communities around us. NFW is deeply entrenched in our community of Peoria, Illinois, where we recently opened a new manufacturing facility solely dedicated to the production of MIRUM. Empowering American workers and supporting American jobs is a huge point of pride for us.

At NFW, our ultimate goal is to empower communities like Portland and beyond to make sustainable choices for ourselves and for the future. At the end of the day, Natural Fiber Welding will always be pro-people. We aim to create a stronger, more resilient civilization that can flourish for generations to come. This is a significant step in securing a future where humanity can thrive. 

To learn more about our new products,  partnership, and buy-back program check out our line at Woolly Made's website, or browse specific products:

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September 3 2021