Women are working together to lead the climate movement. Help us tell their stories.

A movement across industries

It’s more evident than ever that addressing climate change isn’t about just fixing one industry or one problem. It’s about championing new standards for sustainability in everything we do. At Natural Fiber Welding, we are inspired by stories of the leaders across industries who are coming together to create a future where all people thrive. This collaborative spirit is one of the aspects of the climate movement that excites us most.

To highlight these stories we’re excited to share that NFW is hoping to bring an all-female panel to the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in 2022. Women are defining the sustainability movement in a major way, from activist Greta Thunberg, who was challenging the Swedish Parliament at just 15, to diplomat Christiana Figueres, who serves as the leading negotiator for the 2015 Climate Paris Agreement. Women’s voices are powerful and rich with insight about what it means to build a brighter future for all, from cradle to cradle. The panel will be anchored by our own VP and General Manager of MIRUM®, Oihana Elizalde. 

“If I know one thing about sustainability and driving impactful and disruptive change, it’s that it is only possible if we all come together not only to find but also to drive solutions,” Elizalde said. “This is in my opinion especially critical if we think about something like climate change. I truly believe in the power of building strong communities and collaborating for the greater good.”

All over the world, from different industries, young and young at heart, women are collaborating, and doing what they can to influence and impact climate change. Their impact is in their work, in their research, in their art, and even in how they think about the products that they create.

Through our proposed SXSW panel, we’d like to highlight some of these diverse women from our own network. 

  • Oihana Elizalde is a Vice President and General Manager of MIRUM at Natural Fiber Welding, leading the team that’s revolutionizing the materials industry with all natural, 100% plastic-free MIRUM®.
  • Giorgia Lupi of world-renowned Pentagram is a data visualization and design rockstar who is helping to concretely convey the impacts of climate destabilization through her work.

We’re bringing this cohort and a leading female fashion designer to the stage in order to shed a light on how working together and highlighting innovative solutions across industries is helping to create a stronger, more resilient civilization that can flourish for generations to come. 

Shining a light at #SXSW2022

As one of the largest and most influential conferences, SXSW brings together the global community of digital creatives to learn cutting-edge ideas, discover new interests, and network with other professionals who share a similar appetite for forward-focused experiences. Alongside our incredible co-panelists, we want to tell the SXSW audience how women are changing the conversation on climate change and sustainability — but to do so, we need your help! 

Today through August 26th, we’re asking fans of NFW to vote for our panel. To vote, sign in to PanelPicker or create a free SXSW account with just your email.

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August 17 2021