Creating for today, dreaming for tomorrow - MIRUM® takes world stage

Change happens when collaboration happens. It takes global commitment to challenge the “ways things have always been,” and concrete actions to meaningfully redirect the future course. 

As part of our ongoing partnership with Ralph Lauren Corporation, we could not be more proud of the role MIRUM® is playing in their most recent efforts to drive for innovation in sustainability.

At NFW, our ultimate priority is to help guarantee that humanity centuries from now will not only survive, but thrive. One of the top risks to future generations is the race for finite resources. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure equal access to a plentiful life that allows for big dreams, hopeful futures, and endless possibilities.

From Plant to Patch  

It’s far past the point of debate--when it comes to the future of a habitable environment and the security of abundant resources, we need to intervene, and quickly. Both for ourselves and for future generations. 

A large part of that problem is this: For the greater part of the last century, we haven’t  adequately utilized the resources that Earth has given us. At Natural Fiber Welding, we focus on creating materials that will allow future generations to live in a world that is just as beautiful and diverse as the one past generations have enjoyed. 

We develop technologies based on the sustainable use of plants and natural fibers to revolutionize the materials industry. Our technologies are designed for efficient supply chains that make use of renewable resources and waste materials to create textiles as beautiful as they are durable.

The economy we aim to create through exclusively plant-based materials not only scales to meet the demands of our entire population, it does so in a way that will collectively increase our quality of life for all while forgoing environmental exploitation and even enhancing natural ecosystems.

MIRUM is the material that product designers have been looking fora sustainable alternative to animal- and plastic-based leather that is tunable to their application and aesthetic.

From Patch to Endless Possibilities

A MIRUM patch on a wooden surface. The patch displays the MIRUM logo.

Together, we’re ready to transform the global stage. There will undoubtedly be challenges and difficulties ahead, as with any time in history. But those challenges should not exist because of our own unwillingness to adapt, evolve, and disrupt. 

With this collaboration and through the responsible stewardship of Nature, we take a step towards achieving prosperity for more people on this planet. We make space to dream a little bit bigger and brighter.

No longer is there a trade-off between creative expression and holding true to humanity’s values. We believe there doesn’t need to be a compromise between quality, value, aesthetic, social responsibility and environmental stewardship when it comes to the goods and services of our day to day lives.

We believe in bringing all people back into the conversation as key stakeholders and beneficiaries of our solutions in sustainable material abundance. We know that our decisions have a direct impact on them, and the future generations.

We are ready to pass the torch, change the narrative, and create a way of life defined by dignity, integrity, and prosperity for all.

April 14 2021