CLARUS® hits the market with Ralph Lauren at the Australian Open

NFW's patented technology is making headlines this month with the debut of Ralph Lauren's RLX CLARUS® Polo Shirt at the Australian Open. 

Made with the world’s first high-performance cotton fabric, the RLX CLARUS® Polo Shirt utilizes NFW's patented technology to transform virgin and recycled cotton in ways that were never before possible. CLARUS® technology enhances cotton fibers with high-performance attributes, like quick-drying and moisture management, while still retaining the comfort and breathability of cotton. See for yourself in some before and after photos of cotton yarn after a particular type of CLARUS® fiber welding. 

"That is the genius of what [NFW] does. It is pushing the boundaries with cotton because there is now a market demanding more performance materials, but they don't want more synthetic materials," said David Lauren, Chief Branding and Innovation Officer at Ralph Lauren told Forbes.


Ralph Lauren’s product announcement breaks the exclusive grip that synthetic, petrochemical-based, microplastic-shedding textiles have on performance apparel. Consumers can now enjoy high-performance apparel with the peace of mind that their clothing is made from natural materials. Plastic-free performance wear has arrived!

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Ralph Lauren. Through this collaboration, we are paving the way for complete circularity with resulting materials that perform similarly to plastic-based synthetic fabrics,” said NFW Founder and CEO Luke Haverhals. “We are pioneering an entirely new system that simultaneously enables all-natural performance fabrics while reducing waste and eliminating the need for synthetic plastics.”

The issues caused by microfiber pollution from clothing are better understood and more dire by the day. Our clothes are impacting wildlife, the environment, and even human health. The time for all-natural, plastic-free materials is now.  

“Ralph Lauren is known for timelessness – and for more than 50 years being timeless has meant both leaning into our heritage and fostering pioneering innovation. With the introduction of the RLX CLARUS Polo Shirt, we are using our most iconic product as a canvas to launch an industry-changing and scalable textile technology –a high-performance apparel product that is created with natural fibers for the first time. We’re proud to build on the brand’s legacy of signature and authentic style, reinvented for the future,” said Lauren. 

Stay tuned for more updates on CLARUS apareral throughout 2022. For more information about the RLX CLARUS Polo Shirt and to sign up to purchase yours, visit Ralph Lauren’s website


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January 29 2022